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DJBNP was born in California but has spent most of his life living in the Seattle area.  Back in 93′ at the age of 13 DJBNP started getting into DJing and Producing beats.  It was at this point that he was brought into the Hip-Hop group 5E.  By 1995 5E was performing at local shows around the Seattle-Tacoma area, and though the group never released an official album, many college radio shows around the nation were playing their Music (Shout out to DJCRUSH).  In 1996 5E was asked to appear on a Seattle-Tacoma Hip-Hop Compilation called “Classic Elements”.  The Compilation was released in 1997 and featured two songs produced by DJBITZNPIECES.  Shortly after the release of the album the group 5E had a falling out that lead to everyone going their own ways.

BITZ continued with his passion of making music and later hooked up with long time associate and friend BISHOP I of Oldominion and later on DIMMAK.  To this day the two are still making solid cuts.


DJBITZNPIECES is now 1/5th of Rainwater
Conglomerate / Rainwater Studios and one of the two Producers of the crew.  Currently working on Projects with Silas Blak, JaWaan LaRue, Billy Blaze, Blymm, Bishop I and C Ham.

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