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Ever entertaining, Blymm always brings it! Live on stage or in studio the energy is always there. From his first appearance on ‘In The Cut’ off of Baby C’s critically acclaimed album Not To Be Funked With’, to ‘The Wake Up Call’, he appeared on ‘The 2-0-Sickness Albulation on half of the album! The project received quite the praise garnering a 4 1/2 star rating from hip-hop spot.com. Most notably the song ‘360’ continues to be Blymm’s best work to date.


Blymm’s effort on the solo album ‘Nappily Ever After’ was pure and showed that he was every bit as good as advertised weather it’s the adrenaline pumping ‘This Guy He’s Nice’ or the well-grounded reality of ‘Walking Natural Disaster’ ‘Nappily’ maintained energy and consistency by many it is considered an opus! The lyrics combined with the production by MAV continues to be the best work done by both.

Blymm suite

On ‘The Wake Up Call’ Baby C & Blymm exemplified growth brilliance and maturity and the tracks coming home pushing sense and buzz personified ruggedness along with the sweet combination of smoothness Blymm has shared the stage with notable acts such as Busta Rhymes, Beyoncé, Ice Cube, RUN DMC, Nelly, Brian McKnight, DJ Quick, Too Short, and Trina. Now combine that with being the host of the ultra-popular and zany internet radio show titled ‘The Blymm Show’ along with the signature hairstyle and a magnetizing personality ultimately Blymm is an undeniable character and is without a doubt an enigma!



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