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Billy Blaze

When you think of beats, breasts and bars……the name Billy Blaze is most definitely in the conversation. Originally from Chicago, Blaze brings his old school sound with modern mental verses that make you want to hear what’s next.

It’s family first in the world of Blaze. Always positive and always thinking ahead, he is continuing to improve in his craft to…..”make them heads nod while grabbing knowledge on the way”.  Joining the Conglomerate was a blessing in disguise for Blaze…he was able to combine his crafty vintage like style with hard hitting beats to create a new sound to represent the Northwestern Takeover.  The first collaboration, “Tango”, is an upbeat tune with lights out bars that created a buzz for more.


Look for songs such as “Guidelines” and “You Will Lose” to catch an earful of know how with life experiences exposed. He doesn’t like collaboration with other emcees too much, but with the cut “Pre-Funk” with the international man Rik Rood, Bill seems to fit the bill as a well rounded tag team partner as well as solo artist.

2016 and beyond holds a bright future for the  Rainwater Conglomerate as Willy Flame aka Bill Blaze makes his mark on the Northwest Hip Hop scene.

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